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Wine follow up

January 4th, 2015 travis No comments

Since I’m still new to wine, in just jotting down my notes and info for the time being. Here is what I got at bottling:
Gewürztraminer – bottled on 12/13, just over 5 gallons made for 25 750ml bottles of wine. I added 1 cup of lactose (or non-fermentable sugar) to the whole 5 [...]

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Belgian Double

December 21st, 2014 travis No comments

11lb 15oz of Belgian Pilsen Malt
2lb 4oz of Belgian Cara 20 Malt
2lb 0oz of Belgian Biscuit Malt
2lb 0oz of Belgian Caramel Munich Malt 40
2.39 oz of Belgian Chocolate Malt
5.27 oz of Sugar – Candi Sugar Dark
1.00 oz of German Northern Brewer (60 Min From End)
1.50 oz of Slovenian Styrian Goldings (30 Min From End)
0.50 oz [...]

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Wine time! Fulkerson Winery Style

December 14th, 2014 travis No comments

So last year I tried my first wine. This year I decided to double down. I got a kit last time for about $100, but living as close as I do to the finger lakes wine region, I figured it would be fun to use fresh stuff.
I purchased 5gal of Pino [...]

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Barley Wine – My Old Flame

December 6th, 2014 travis No comments

I got this recipe from Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher. It looks simple enough and was brewed in early October (10/5).
7lb 6oz of UK Vienna Malt
4lb 15oz of UK Pale Ale Malt
1lb 4oz of UK Medium Crystal
9.86 oz of Belgian Biscuit Malt
3lb 11oz of Extract – Sparkling Amber Dried Extract
2.50 oz of German Northern [...]

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Pouring at Craft New York Brew Fest

November 15th, 2013 travis No comments

A friend of mine named Rick has a brewery called Great South Bay Brewery. They’ll be at the Craft New York Brew Fest Saturday and I’ll be there pouring for a little while. If you’re around, stop in! Cheers!

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Cream Ale

August 18th, 2013 travis No comments

10gal batch
8lb 2oz of US 2-Row Malt
8lb 2oz of US 6-Row Malt
3lb 0oz of US Flaked Corn/Maize
14.34 oz of US Caramel 10L Malt
2.00 oz of US Amarillo (60 Min From End)
1.00 oz of US Cascade (30 Min From End)
1.00 oz of US Amarillo (5 Min From End)
Pitch 1 pack(s) of Wyeast 2112-California Lager
Brew notes:
Pitched [...]

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American Pale Ale

August 11th, 2013 travis No comments

10gal batch
- 18lb 10oz of US Pale Ale Malt
- 1lb 3oz of US Caramel 40L Malt
- 9.31 oz of US Munich 10L Malt
- 1.57 oz of US Centennial (60 Min From End)
- 2.09 oz of NZ Cascade (10 Min From End)
Pitch 1 pack(s) of Wyeast 1056-American Ale and
ferment at 68 F
Brew notes:
Struck at 11:50 [...]

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Oktoberfest 2013

August 4th, 2013 travis No comments

I have some posts on two brews I made over the winter I’ll catch up on, here is my latest brew. Usually at this time of year if I haven’t brewed a Marzen, I’ll bail. However this year I had an epiphany; I can fit a carboy in my keezer!!! That means [...]

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Columbus IPA

February 10th, 2013 travis No comments

A while back there was a great group of guys I kept in touch with through brew blogs. I’ve lost touch with the brew community to a large extent, but I remember drinking Ted’s Columbus IPA Over the years, Ted’s Columbus IPA really stood out to me so when I was contemplating my [...]

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New member to the brew operation

February 3rd, 2013 travis 2 comments

After many years with my blue igloo cube, I decided it was time to freshen up my equipment. This time I went all out, false bottom, stainless ball valve, you name it. I have about $105 wrapped up into it so it was actually a lot more reasonable than I anticipated. Plus [...]

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